Taking Steps

Well life has begun to change. God has been answering prayers and guiding in those next steps. I went through a waiting period that wasn’t as simple or as easy as I thought. Oh I had plans, and I tried

Gift Guide for Coffee Lover

Was putting together a Christmas list and noticed alot of things were all coffee related. So why not post a gift guide as I know other Coffee Lovers out there that could benefit. Noted coffee aficionados may complain I’ve left out

Client: Vanessa Day Photography

I recently got the privilege to work with the talented photographer Vanessa Day. She was looking for a space that would showcase her growing work, and her unique documentary style. She also was in need of a new logo to

Taking it’s toll

Life is taking it’s toll. I didn’t want to admit it. But being unemployed, moving from full time ministry to nothing, watching my wife take on a leadership role (which is awesome BTW), winter arriving, all seems to be affecting

Doing my best

Well it’s been one whole month since I left my job and joined the unemployed list. It feels like it’s been a roller coaster of a month. For starters, this month also happens to be the busiest month for my wife and

New venture

While I’m on the countdown, I have had to find something to keep me busy. One of my passions that I received while working for Ranger Lake was a love for Radio Controlled (R/C) trucks. Part of my job involved

Countdown to what

Well my last week is here and I’m on countdown. So after tonight, 2 days left of my employment at Ranger Lake. But what continues to elude me is the what next. While I maybe counting down my current employment,

Trying to be patient

I really am trying to be patient. I know what you are thinking, “but Daryl you haven’t even finished at Ranger Lake yet you still have time.” But what you don’t realize is that this is the first time in


As a follower of Christ, we are all on a journey…. This maybe the most difficult letter I have written in a long time.  However just as God was with me when I sent out my first letter almost 9

Company Logo, Really?

I couldn’t help but scan this in and post it here. Anyone that appreciates good corporate logo design, branding, etc, etc, will know that this is the worst display of design. I thought I’d seen it all, what with some

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